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Heat’n Sweep

Heat’n Sweep has been in oper­a­tion since 1977. Ini­tially, the pri­mary focus of the busi­ness was to sweep chim­neys and sell wood stoves and fire­places. As the first chim­ney sweep in Michi­gan and the 98th in the United States, it was not hard for Heat’n Sweep to ben­e­fit from lots of atten­tion. Heat’n Sweep attended wed­dings and events, rode in parades … and busi­ness pros­pered greatly.

As the world has changed, so has Heat’n Sweep.

Please take a moment to watch this video about our hot tubs to understand more about the high quality of our hot tub products, brand and services!

Heat’n Sweep has evolved from fire­places and sweep­ing to car­ry­ing patio and casual fur­ni­ture, wicker, spas and gaze­bos, grills, stat­ues and foun­tains, art, among other house­hold appli­ances. It truly is a fan­tas­tic estab­lish­ment for any home­owner to visit. Peo­ple have always been mes­mer­ized by fires and fire­places. More recently, how­ever, peo­ple have expanded their scope and are now also very inter­ested in hav­ing com­fort­able liv­ing spaces out­side their homes.

The way the world is going, peo­ple are nest­ing more. Heat’n Sweep is fill­ing up lots of big patios with bar­be­cues, patio fur­ni­ture, foun­tains and sculptures.

Stain­less steel bar­be­cue sets; wicker chairs and sofas; patio sets made of wrought iron; stain­less and extruded alu­minum; and soft; col­or­ful cush­ions are a mere sam­ple of the prod­ucts on the ele­gant show­room floor.

Heat’n Sweep will con­tinue to fea­ture inno­v­a­tive prod­ucts and ways of con­duct­ing busi­ness as the nest­ing trend con­tin­ues. Heat’n Sweep car­ries new and inno­v­a­tive prod­ucts for in the house in the way of fire­places and art, and new inno­v­a­tive prod­ucts for out­side the house. Peo­ple are doing more of the liv­ing expe­ri­ence out­side on the patios.

Along with the broad depth of our prod­uct line, cus­tomer ser­vice and sat­is­fac­tion is a core com­pe­tency within the business. Our staff is excep­tional at ful­fill­ing the expe­ri­ence for the cus­tomer from the store through the sale and life of the product. Heat’n Sweep is known for incred­i­bly friendly ser­vice and recep­tive employ­ees. Heat’n Sweep ships any­where; we do any­thing. We’ve always had that men­tal­ity. We will take care of any­one who lives any where in the world. It doesn’t mat­ter where you live in the United States, we will take care of you; we’ve flown peo­ple to Florida to take care of deliveries.

Heat’n Sweep hopes peo­ple will come in and enjoy a friendly, relaxed atmos­phere that has the abil­ity to pro­vide remark­able prod­ucts and an enjoy­able expe­ri­ence that will last a life­time. Come by Heat’n Sweep and make liv­ing bet­ter today!

More about Arctic Spas the Company

Arctic Spas ® was founded in 1994. The ownership group is a unique group of guys, having all grown up on farms and in small rural communities of western Canada, where the value of your word far outweighed your commercial success. We have carried those same values through the entire culture of our business. We pride ourselves on listening and supporting our customers, dealers and employees alike. Visit our showrooms or our factories and speak with anyone, it is obvious we all take providing the best product and service in the industry very seriously.We have always been known for our product quality and innovation.

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